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May 24, 2018

Reflections on an Agile Approach to Marketing

Some years ago, I headed up a creative, UX and development team for a large health system and we had great success using agile methodology to revamp and consolidate a vast array of digital assets, including websites, intranets and personal health record portals. It was there that I began to understand how agile methodology could be applied to marketing. It’s especially useful for companies who are in industries of change – which most of us are.

Basically, Agile Marketing adheres to the same principles as Agile Software Development, which include:

  • Responding to change over strictly following a plan
  • Rapid iterations over massive campaigns
  • Testing and data over opinions and conventions
  • Experimenting on a smaller scale vs. one long shot
  • Individuals and interactions over one size fits all
  • Collaboration over silos and hierarchy

The ultimate objective of Agile Marketing (as the name infers) is to achieve the growth goals of the organization by enhancing the speed, transparency and adaptability of the Marketing Engine. Using a team organizational process known as a “scrum” allows agile teams to share rapid feedback and communication essential to the methodology.

At Surge, we embrace Agile Marketing as the cornerstone of how we serve the customer. We recruit independent, thoughtful and dedicated creatives and technologists, which we call the Surge Agile Creative Alliance. After we are fully immersed in the strategy of our customers, we customize the right agile teams around a core strategic direction that can adapt and change over time, but with our eyes always on the prize – growth over night and brand over time. This approach allows us to serve a range of customers, regardless of size, using the right mix of strategy and tactical execution.

If you’d like to learn more about how our Agile Marketing approach can help your company, contact me at brad@surgeagency.com.