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    TOA Technologies


    The Challenge

    TOA Technologies had established itself as a leading Software as a Service (SaaS) company with a really sound technical platform for solving the age-old problem of “waiting for the cable guy”. TOA invented an alternative to waiting all day for a technician to come to your home. TOA’s technology platform enabled a cable company’s mobile workforce to narrow the wait window to one hour based on a sophisticated predictive model of how those technicians performed in the real-world rather than simply relying on distance models. The problem was that TOA Technologies had little brand recognition and was positioned in the market as a mobile workforce management solution, a category which didn’t do justice to TOA’s innovative approach to “nailing” the customer appointment experience. TOA needed positioning, messaging and branding that was more aligned to its radical approach to the customer appointment and clearly placed the company in a thought leadership position.

    The Response

    In addition to positioning TOA as a leading player in the Mobile Workforce Management space, we helped to craft a thought leadership position centered on Customer Appointment Management – engineering software based on optimizing the customer appointment, rather than simply the mobile workforce. Once this messaging was blown out, we aligned the branding and creative to coincide with this customer-centric strategy. We developed a PR strategy that showcased the owners as pioneers in Customer Appointment Management, while working analysts to establish TOA as a credible name in the industry.

    The Results

    TOA significantly expanded its awareness in the industry and secured positive reviews by numerous analysts, including Gartner Research. The executive team was continually featured in thought leadership venues, including articles and speaking engagements. The company’s sales expanded, growing internationally and beyond its established vertical markets.

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